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January 2016 Newsletter

Tire Hut and the crew would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year!  Tire Hut is committed to being your tire and automotive center in 2016.  As part of that commitment Tire Hut will meet or beat all written or advertised price quotes.  We will not be undersold because we have made our New Years resolution to be your best Tire and Automotive Center. Exclusions apply. As a family owned and operated business for 36 years we only sell what you need.  Consequently none of our employees earn commissions because we cherish your business.
Since there are no manufacturers specials this month Tire Hut is offering our own special.  Check out the coupon below and the January Specials.
Remember all purchases of tires include free mounting, free high speed balancing, and free disposal of your old tires.
Now we can also help you save:  Tire Hut now offers a Synchrony Financial, CFNA, Bridgestone, and Goodyear Credit Cards with 6 months interest free financing.  Please contact Tire Hut for more details. In addition,  Tire Hut offers nationwide coverage for service warranties.  We also now offer nationwide Road Hazard Warranties.


Motor-Oil Viscosity: A Slippery Subject
The oil viscosity your car needs is usually determined by your car's manufacturer, but is there ever a reason to switch?
Whenever a vehicle is in motion, engine oil has a lot of work to do: reducing friction between moving parts, keeping the engine from overheating, preventing components from prematurely wearing down. But there are many things that can keep oil from staying on top of its workload, and that's where viscosity comes into play. Factors such as varying starting and running temperatures, an aging car, or heavy loads on board can all affect how motor oil performs. Fortunately, auto manufacturers specify what viscosity level is best for their vehicles, so most drivers never have to spend much time pondering this subject. But for those who are interested or who have to make elevator conversation with a talking car, there are a few basic principles to consider.

Like most liquids, when oil is cooler it's more viscous (that is, slower-flowing), and when it's warmer it's less viscous. Higher-viscosity oils are most appropriate for cars that operate at higher temperatures or carry heavier loads. Lower-viscosity oils work better at lower temperatures since they don't need to be heated to flow, but they generally offer less protection against wear.

There was a time when people who live in four-season climates would use one oil with a higher viscosity during the warm months and another during the cold months, but multi-grade motor oils solve that problem by working efficiently in both conditions. When you see a viscosity grade on a bottle of multi-grade motor oil-say, 10W-30-there are two numbers to consider. The number preceding the W stands for "winter" or "woolen-underwear season," which reflects how the oil flows when starting an engine on a cold day. The number after the hyphen is the viscosity at 210°F, the standard temperature of an operating engine. (On both sides of the hyphen, a higher number means a higher viscosity.) What makes this type of oil so flexible? It's the polymers-particles that expand as the oil heats up and slow down the rate at which the oil thins as it gets hotter.


Looking for that special gift for someone? A Tire Hut Gift Card makes a perfect gift.  Call store for details.*

25% Off All Full Synthetic Oil Changes* - Expires 1/31/16

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New Year Special: Purchase 4 New Michelin or BFGoodrichTires and receive a $40 Instant Rebate. - Excludes Commercial, Wholesale and Carry out tires. - Expires 1/31/16

Tire Hut is grateful for your business and support. Your continued business and support over the past 36 years has allowed us to reinvest in our local community and fully participate in our community's charitable organizations.
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